Exploration and Beyond


Various subsidiaries of HEYCO Energy Group have been involved in international exploration for more than 20 years, having operated exploration projects in England, Spain, and Morocco. The company currently holds non-operated interests in England, Spain, and France.



Petrichor Euskadi holds a working interest in nine exploration permits in northern Spain with unconventional gas potential. The operator is Sociedad de Hidrocarburos de Euskadi (the Basque National Oil Company).



Through the subsidiary Petrichor France, the company holds a working interest in the Navacelles exploration permit, operated by eCorp, in southern France. The group is currently studying the existing data and plans to obtain additional seismic.


In addition, HEYCO holds an equity interest in Egdon Resources plc. Egdon has a number of onshore licenses in the UK and France, with active exploration, appraisal, and development projects. HEYCO was part of the group that discovered the Avington field in southern England in 2007; it converted its interest in the field into an interest in Egdon in 2009.